London Eye

Everyone who comes to London probably knows what are the most interesting places to see here. It is impossible to visit all cultural or historic places during one day or even one weekend, to do that, you would need more time for sure. But if your time in London is limited you can enlist places which are necessary to see. It is possible, you just need to type a particular phrase in the internet and your list is ready. Among museums, cathedrals and park you will notice the name “London Eye”, if it interests you, that is perfect because here you will find some information about this particular attraction in London! To begin with describing the London Eye, we should start with answering some basic questions:

What is the London Eye? It is an observation wheel, located on the South of the river Themes in the area of Central London. The wheel is really huge- it is the largest viewing point in the world, and the fourth highest construction in the whole London! It is measured that the Eye is 135 meters tall!

How does it look like? The construction is made up of 32 capsules that are attached to the wheel. In one capsule there is a space for around 25 people, so it is quite spacious. The London Eye look like a kind of carousel but do not be worried, the speed of the whole rotation will not resemble the traditional carousel.

Wondering how much time does the whole rotation take? For some people it is too long, but for others it is too short. The rotation takes around 30 minutes. During the 30minutes you have a chance to see a breath taking panorama of the whole City of London and other nearby districts. You have an opportunity to see pictures that span up to 40 km in all directions. The Eye revolves from east to west, so your first views are towards the east- London's business district.

What is time is the best time to go on the London Eye? Of course, the lack of fog is the perfect weather to admire views from the observation wheel. But if the fog is with you during your stay in London, do not feel discouraged to go on the London Eye. The views that you will see beneath your feet will stay in your mind for ever. Watching the London panorama during the night will also bring you much pleasure and lots of unforgettable views. Do not forget to bring your camera with you!

Do disabled people have a chance to go on the London Eye? Of course yes! Everyone has equal chances to go on the observation wheel. The most interesting thing is that even people are getting on or off the capsule, the Eye does not stop rotating. The only situation in which the wheel stops is when disabled people want to get on or off the wheel. And that is how we do it to make the observatory accessible to people on wheelchairs.

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