1. If you are not an adult, which means the person above 18 year old, you should leave this website now, as the site contains the materials that may shock the child. The content is of an adult nature.

2. Companionship and the time which an Escort gives to her Client are the only two things that the Client pays for. Is something else happens between an Escort and the Client it the action they both agreed on. Note: We will not accept any situation in which an Escort will be abused or threatened either physically or mentally. That is unacceptable! Any Client who abused or threatens an Escort will have to deal with the prosecution charge.

3. The service Escort London Girls is NOT the employer of any of the girl that appear on the website. An Escorts are not hired by Escort London Girls . Escorts set their prices on their own and the Escort London Girls has no income from it.

4. Any content that appears on the webpage including photos is a subject to copyrights. It means that anyone who uses, shares and publishes the content will deal with the prosecution charge. No one has the right to use the content.

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Wondering who we are? We are the service which takes care...

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The London City is very interesting place for sure...

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