The shard

London is a modern city, that is why it consists of many amazing buildings; some of them are not very modern but they catch the attention of tourists and visitors from around the world. And some of the buildings in London are very up-to-date. Some skyscrapers in London are really breath taking! If you would like to find some more information about one of the most famous skyscraper in London, please read more. There are many amazing buildings in London, but this one is really outstanding. The Shard, is the leading modern skyscraper in London. Although many people consider the building to be the hotel, which is of course true, the Shard has some other functions in the City of London.

The construction of the Shard: The construction of one of the most famous building in London begun in 2009 and it was finished in November 2012. It is a beautiful, modern building that is made of glass. It is not an ordinary glass building, because of its height it is extraordinary! The building is made up of 87 floors which results in being 310meters high and that is why the building consists of 44 lifts. The Shard has a pyramidal shape and the other name for the building is “The Shard of Glass”. The Shard is the tallest building in the whole United Kingdom.

The Hotel: The Five star Shangri-La Hotel occupies levels from 52nd to 34th floor of the building. To be accommodated in the exclusive hotel you cannot be afraid of height and you should remember that this hotel is one of the most expensive hotels in the whole London. In the Shangri-La Hotel you will find the spa and fitness area where you can get some rest after a hard day at work. Swimming in the pool and looking down at London street must be a great alternative for the evening relaxation. Fully equipped gym, training machines, and huge windows give the opportunity to view London while working out! The view on the St Paul's Cathedral, the London Eye and Westminster is in reach of your eyes! There would not be a five star hotel without a great restaurant. Here you can try many mouth-watering dishes that will stay in your mind for a long time!

Viewing Gallery: Some people may be surprised and some of course not, but the Shard also works as an observation deck. On 72 level of the building visitors have a chance to visit the viewing Galleries which is equipped in digital telescopes through which people can look at the city, additionally the device offers pre-recorded day time and night time views. Telescopes are able to identify over 200 famous places of interest in London and popular landmarks that can attract your attention. What is great about the telescopes is that they offer information about some items in 10 different languages, it means that you do not have to be English to use the telescope!

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